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Rechargeable Batteries


Every year over 15 billion batteries are produced and each year over 17,000 pounds of batteries are collected through the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program.Purchasing rechargeable batteries saves money, conserves resources, and protects our environment. For more information on which rechargeable battery works best for your needs visit CalRecycles Rechargeable Batteries and Charger’s website.

Battery Drop Off Locations

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    The Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program provides Tulare County residents with free battery disposal. Drop off used batteries at a location near you. For more information on household battery disposal and solutions for businesses contact Tulare County Environmental Health Services at (559) 624-7400 or visit their website

City of Dinuba
Information:  (559) 591-5924

Dinuba City Hall 405 E. El Monte Way
Dinuba Police 680 S. Alta Avenue
Dinuba Public Works 1088 E. Kamm Avenue
Dinuba Senior Center 437 Eaton Avenue
Dinuba Dinuba Buy Back Center 267 S. Uruapan Way
Dinuba Cutler Buy Back Center 12094 Avenue 408

City of Exeter
Information:  (559) 592-5262

Exeter True Value 221 E. Pine Street
Exeter Exeter Mercantile 258 E. Pine Street
Exeter Rancho Pharmacy 426 N. Kaweah Avenue
Exeter Lincoln Elmentary School 333 South D Street
Exeter Rocky Hill School 313 Sequoia Drive
Exeter Wilson Middle School 710 W. Maple Street
Exeter Exeter Union High School 505 Rocky Hill Drive

City of Farmersville
Information: (559) 747-0458

Farmersville City Hall 909 W. Visalia Road
Farmersville Public Works 873 S. Farmersville Blvd.

City of Lindsay
Information: (559) 562-5945

Lindsay Chamber of Commerce 133 West Honolulu Street
Lindsay City Finance Dept. 251 E.  Honolulu Street
Lindsay City Services 150 N. Mirage Avenue
Lindsay McDermont Field House 365 N. Sweetbriar
Lindsay Wellness Center 860 N. Sequoia Avenue
Lindsay NDS 851 N Harvard Ave
Lindsay Lindsay Chamber of Commerce 133 W. Honolulu Avenue
Lindsay Jefferson Elementary 333 N. Westwood Avenue
Lindsay Lincoln Elementary 851 N Stanford Ave
Lindsay Kennedy Elementary 1701 E. Tulare Road
Lindsay Washington Elementary 451 E. Samoa Street
Lindsay Regan Elementary 340 N. Harvard Avenue
Lindsay John J. Cairn School 467 E. Honolulu Avenue
Lindsay Lindsay High School 1849 E. Tulare Road
Lindsay Lindsay Unified School District 519 E. Honolulu Avenue
Lindsay Loma Vista Charter School 519 E. Honolulu Avenue
Lindsay Lindsay Apt 11 115 Locke Avenue
Lindsay Lindsay Senior Villa 1127 Fresno Street
Lindsay Lindsay Family Apt. 151 W. Westwood Avenue
Lindsay The Groves Apt. 187 S. Westwood Avenue

City of Porterville
Information: (559) 782-7514

Porterville City Hall Finance 291 N. Main Street
Porterville Field Services 555 N. Prospect Street
Porterville Library 41 W. Thurman Avenue

City of Tulare
Information:  (559) 684-4325

Single-family residents may place their household batteries into a clear, sealed, plastic bag and then place the bag on top of their residential container for weekly collection. You may also drop off your batteries at the following locations:

Tulare Bethel Church 2516 North M Street
Tulare City Corporation Yard 3981 South K Street
Tulare City Fleet Shop 3989 South K Street
Tulare City Hall 411 E. Kern Avenue
Tulare Evolutions 1425 E. Prosperity
Tulare Fire Station #3 2900 North M Street
Tulare First Baptist Church 469 N. Cherry Street
Tulare Library 475 North M Street
Tulare Used Treasurers 232 South K Street
Tulare Valley Ag Software 3950 South K Street
Tulare Wastewater 1875 S. West Street

Tulare County
Information: (559) 713-7100

Tulare County Alpaugh-Fire Station  3939 Avenue 54
Tulare County California Hot Springs-Fire Station  45122 Manter Meadow Drive
Tulare County Camp Nelson-Fire Station  1500 Nelson Drive
Tulare County Cutler-Orosi-Fire Station  40779 Road 128
Tulare County Dinuba-Kings River-Fire Station  40404 Road 90
Tulare County Doyle Colony-Fire Station  1551 E. Success Drive
Tulare County Ducor-Terra Bella-Fire Station  23607 Avenue 56
Tulare County Earlimart-Fire Station  808 E. Washington
Tulare County Exeter-Fire Station  137 North F Street
Tulare County Goshen-Fire Station  30901 Road 67
Tulare County Ivanhoe-Fire Station  32868 Hawthorne Road
Tulare County Kennedy Meadows-Fire Station  9907 Gorman Road
Tulare County Kings River-Fire Station  3811 Avenue 400
Tulare County Lemon Cove-Fire Station  32490 Highway 198
Tulare County Lindsay-Fire Station  19603 Avenue 228
Tulare County Pixley-Fire Station  200 N. Park Drive
Tulare County Posey-Fire Station  45656 Old Stage Road
Tulare County Richgrove-Fire Station  20890 Grove Drive
Tulare County Springville-Fire Station  35659 Highway 190
Tulare County Strathmore-Fire Station  22908 Avenue 196
Tulare County Terra Bella-Fire Station  23658 Avenue 95
Tulare County Three Rivers-Fire Station  41412 South Fork Drive
Tulare County Tipton-Fire Station  241 S. Graham Road
Tulare County Visalia-Goshen-Fire Station  1968 S. Lovers Lane
Tulare County West Olive-Porterville-Fire Station  22315 Avenue 152
Tulare County Woodlake-Fire Station  216 E. Naranjo Blvd.
Tulare County Administration-HQ-Fire Station  907 W. Visalia Road
Tulare County Auto Shop-Fire Station  14001 Avenue 256
Tulare County Communications Center-Fire Station  11871 Avenue 272

City of Visalia
Information: (559) 713-4531

Visalia 4 Creeks Townhouses 2800 E. Doe
Visalia All Estate Realtors 4840 W. Mineral King Avenue
Visalia Artis & Company 222 N. Garden Street Suite 300
Visalia Battery Systems 1601 E. Main Street
Visalia Boys & Girls Club 215 W. Tulare ( @ Locust)
Visalia California Highway Patrol 5025 W. Noble Avenue
Visalia Cal-Water 216 N. Valley Oaks Drive
Visalia Central Valley Reg Center 5441 W. Cypress Avenue
Visalia City of Visalia City Hall East 315 E. Acequia
Visalia City of Visalia City Hall North-Transit Ctr 425 E. Oak Avenue
Visalia City of Visalia City Hall West 707 W. Acequia Avenue
Visalia CIGNA 5200 W. Tulare Avenue
Visalia Comfort Suites 210 E. Acequia Avenue
Visalia College of the Sequoias 915 S. Mooney Blvd. Rm-109 (Sycamore Bldg.)
Visalia COSTCO 3750 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia City of Visalia City Hall-Airport 9501 W. Airport Drive
Visalia City of Visalia Parks & Recreation 345 N. Jacob Street
Visalia City of Visalia Public Works Administration 336 N. Ben Maddox Way
Visalia City of Visalia Senior Center 310 N Locust Street
Visalia City of Visalia Solid Waste 309 N. Cain Street
Visalia CVS-Pharmacy 1102 N. Demaree
Visalia CVS-Pharmacy 2135 N. Dinuba Blvd.
Visalia CVS-Pharmacy 1455 E. Noble Avenue
Visalia Eye Surgical And Medical Associates 5021 West Noble Avenue
Visalia El Diamante Whitendale at Akers
Visalia Faith Community Church 1021 S. Burke Street
Visalia Family HealtCare Network 501 N. Bridge Street
Visalia Family HealthCare Network 305 E. Center Street
Visalia First 5 200 N. Santa Fe Street
Visalia Golden West High School McAuliff/Houston
Visalia Habitat for Humanity 637 S. Lovers Lane
Visalia Highland Elementary 701 N. Stevenson Street
Visalia In-Shape City 1313 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia In-Shape Sport 909 N. Demaree Street
Visalia Kaweah Delta-InHomeCare 101 S. Floral Street
Visalia Kimball Court Apartments 303 W. Kimball Avenue
Visalia Lewis & Associates 700 W. Center Avenue
Visalia Library 200 W. Oak Avenue
Visalia Lifestyles Center 5105 W. Cypress Avenue
Visalia Lowe’s N Demaree 3020 N. Demaree Street
Visalia Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy 3507 W. Walnut ( at Demaree)
Visalia Mothering Heights-CVRS 705 S. Court Street
Visalia Mt. Whitney High 900 S. Conyer Street
Visalia Natures Pharmacy 207 W. Main ( at Locust)
Visalia New Hope-CVRS 212 N. Stevenson
Visalia New Visions-CVRS 1425 E. Walnut Avenue
Visalia Office Depot-Mooney 2425 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia Orchard Supply Hardware 2230 W. Walnut Avenue
Visalia Pantera, Drive Richard 623 W. Willow Street
Visalia Pine Recovery Center 120 W. School Avenue
Visalia Provost & Pritchard 3500 W. Orchard Court
Visalia Quad-Knoff 5110 W. Cypress Avenue
Visalia Quail Park 4520 W. Cypress Avenue
Visalia Rawhide Stadium 300 N. Giddings Avenue
Visalia Redwood High School 1001 W. Main Street
Visalia Rite Aid-E Walnut 1735 E. Walnut Avenue
Visalia Rite Aid-W Walnut 5212 W. Walnut Avenue
Visalia River Bend Elementary 1800 N. Lovers Lane
Visalia Street Pauls School 6101 W. Goshen Avenue
Visalia SJVC-College 8400 W. Mineral King Avenue
Visalia SJVC-Corporate Office 3828 W. Caldwell Avenue
Visalia SaveMart-E.Noble 1591 E. Noble Avenue
Visalia SaveMart-W.Goshen 5201 W. Goshen Avenue
Visalia SaveMart-W.Noble 3615 W. Noble Avenue
Visalia SaveMart-W.Walnut 5203 W. Walnut Avenue
Visalia Self-Help Enterprise 8445 W Elowin Ct
Visalia Sierra Meadows 1120 E. Tulare Avenue
Visalia Sierra Ridge Apartments 5100 W. Walnut Avenue
Visalia Staples 3729 South Mooney Blvd.
Visalia Starbucks-Aker-Goshen 5103 W. Goshen Avenue
Visalia Target 4247 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia Town Center Pharmacy 535 W Acequia Avenue
Visalia Town Meadows, The 115 W. Murray Avenue
Visalia Toys R Us 2800 S. Mooney Blvd.
Visalia Tulare County Workforce Inv. Board 309 W. Main Street
Visalia Visalia Community Bank-Caldwell 2245 W. Caldwell Avenue
Visalia Visalia Community Bank-Ferguson 2136 N Dinuba Blvd.
Visalia Visalia Community Bank-Floral 5412 Avenida de los Robles
Visalia Visalia Times Delta-Photo Shop 330 N. West Street
Visalia Visalia Toyota 922 S. Ben Maddox Way
Visalia Visalia Unified School District VUSD-Elementary & Middle
Visalia Walgreens-Dinuba 1407 N. Dinuba Blvd.
Visalia Walgreens-Walnut 100 W. Walnut Avenue
Visalia WestLake Village Apts. 2400 W. Midvalley Avenue
Visalia YMCA 211 West Tulare Avenue