Cardboard Boxes – Used

Place used cardboard pizza, donut, food-to-go boxes, etc. in the yard waste. Remove the pizza tent/saver from the pizza box.

Houshold Hazardous Waste



Bagged polystyrene may be taken to Tempo Plastic, 1227 N. Miller Park Ct. Visalia.
Phone: (559) 751-7711.

Prescriptions, Medicine, or Supplements

Purchase a mail-back envelope at your local pharmacy. Follow the directions on the mail-back envelope.


Do not flush sharps, syringes, lancets, needles, etc. down the toilet or throw them in the trash, recycling, or yard waste containers.

  • Purchase a Certified Sharps Disposal Container at your local sharps retailer.
  • Once the container is ¾ full, seal it, and drop it off at the pharmacy where you purchased your sharps.
  • Disposal is Free for Tulare County Residents.


Yard Waste


For more recycling and composting solutions – visit the Other Solution Page

It’s good to recycle your junk mail. It is even better to stop getting it.

Call, write or go online to the following companies and request your name be taken off their list. Be sure to list all variations of your name. For example:

  • John Doe
  • John T. Doe
  • Johnny Doe
  • J. Doe
  • Jonathan Doe
Direct Mail

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) charges a $1.00 fee to be taken off their master list. DMA is the single largest provider of direct mail lists.

DMA Mail Preference Service

PO Box 282 Carmel, NY 10512
Valassis Direct Mail, Inc.

Consumer Assistance P.O. Box 249 Windsor, CT 06095 Phone: (888) 241-6760 Online:

Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing

Contact Harte-Hanks to be removed from the Pennysaver mailing list.

Mail: Attn:

Consumer Preferences Harte-Hanks Direct Marketing c/o Pennysaver 2830 Orbiter Street Brea, CA 92821

Phone: (800) 422-4116


Val-Pak Savings Coupons – Val-Pak maintains regional lists, but not a central one. Send your request to the address printed on the envelope you receive. If you receive the blue envelope you can also remove your address from their website at:
Credit Card Offers:

You do not need to provide your Social Security Number. Stay on the line and they will process your request without your Social Security Number.

The credit bureaus offer a toll-free number that enables you to “opt-out” of having pre-approved credit offers sent to you for five years. Phone: (888) 567-8688


Phone: (402) 458 5247

Mail: Attn:

Consumer Services Department 901 West Bond Lincoln, NE 68521


Phone: (888) 567-8688

Mail: Attn:

Name Removal Option P.O. Box 505 Woodlyn, PA 19094

Equifax, Inc.

By phone: ( 888) 567-8688

Mail: Attn:

Name Removal Options Equifax, Inc. P.O. Box 740123 Atlanta, GA 30374-0123

Phone Books:

Publishers Clearinghouse (800) 645-9242

Shopping Flyers:

ValPak Coupons (800) 237-6266

Junk Faxes:

Stop junk faxes by contacting the sender of the faxes. If you are unsuccessful, file a complaint with:

Consumer Information Bureau Federal Communications Commission 445 12th Street SW Washington, DC 20554 (888) 225-5322 www.fcc.gove/dgb/consumerfacts/unwantedfaxes.html

Contact the catalog and tell them you want your name taken off their list.

Call the number on the catalog or write a letter (see example below). It is easier for the organization to remove your name if they have the exact copy of your address label; cut or peel it off and glue or tape it to the bottom of your letter.

Sample Letter


I want to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail I receive. Please remove my name and address from your mailing list as listed below:

Name Your address Your city Your state and zip code

Thank you,

Your signature

Tape or paste the label from catalog or magazine here.


When you buy from catalogs over the phone or online, make sure to let the company know you don’t want them to sell your name or send promotional materials.

OTHER SOLUTIONS Post Office Change-of-Address Cards

The Post Office rents the information from change-of-address cards to private businesses. This is how national list brokers, credit bureaus, and others may get your name in the first place. As an alternative solution, send out your own postcards announcing your new address to those whose mail you want to receive. You can also ask the Post Office to hold your mail for pick up until everyone knows your new address.

Warranty Cards

It isn’t necessary to complete warranty cards to be covered by warranty. The only reason to return a warranty card is to find out about product recalls. If you want to return the card for that reason, only provide your name, address, and product serial number. Contact your service providers such as insurance, bank, wireless provider, etc. and ask them not to send you promotional materials.

Refusing Unsolicited Mail

Writing “Return to Sender” or Refusal” on unsolicited mail and placing it in your mailbox only results in the U.S. Postal Service discarding it since third class bulk mail will not be forwarded.

Returning Junk Mail Postage Due

Trying to get the attention of a company by returning your accumulated junk mail in an envelope with insufficient postage does not work.

Most people notice a difference in about three months. Be patient, removal of your name can take up to a year.